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Who do we serve?

As a fashion and retail alliance, it is our mission to provide a range of services to our members in order to support the growth and success of the industry. One such service is conducting research and analysis to provide insights on industry trends, consumer behavior, and market conditions. This helps our members stay knowledgable and make informed decisions. Additionally, we facilitate connections and partnerships between members, providing opportunities for collaboration and the sharing of resources and expertise.


Blockchange DAO also offers marketing and promotion services to help members promote their brands and products through various channels. In the realm of education, we provide training and resources to help members stay up-to-date on industry best practices and developments. Furthermore, we advocate on behalf of our members to policymakers and industry stakeholders, lobbying for favorable regulations and policies that support the growth of the industry. Finally, we offer support in optimizing supply chains and reducing costs through the use of technology and other innovations.

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