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Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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Our Mission

We are on a Mission.


Blockchange DAO is on a mission to promote efficiency and transparency in the way that we create, transfer, and maintain ownership of our physical and digital assets.

Together, we achieve this by maintaining creative vision for what the future holds, while championing scientific and technological solutions that are both sustainable and equitable.


We believe in Truth.


We believe in the power of truth and the importance of maintaining consensus-driven standards in order to accurately measure, analyze, and define innovative paths forward over time. To this end, we have brought together a diverse and skilled group of professionals from a variety of industries, who are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the fashion and retail sectors. 


We are Motivated.

We are motivated by a strong sense of integrity and a commitment to upholding high standards in all of our endeavors. This guiding principle helps us to maintain the momentum and focus necessary to achieve successful outcomes.

Decentralization is a crucial element in the development and implementation of our initiatives. By leveraging decentralized technologies, we can better distribute authority and accountability and ensure that our goals and directives are carried out effectively.


While these technologies do have their limitations, we are confident in their ability to support our efforts towards creating a brighter future.

What are the benefits of joining?

  •  A Voice

  •  A Vote(s)

  • Access to a globally, diverse group of industry professionals

  • Expert guidance on blockchains and their associated cryptocurrencies, decision system sciences, data transparency, product tracking & traceability, anti-counterfeiting measures, enhanced customer experience, loyalty/rewards, authentication, and much more.

What is the commitment?

  • Weekly - 90min Member Meeting (Virtual)

  • Showing up for yourself and others

  • Using your Voice to challenge the status quo

  • Using your Vote to effect change

  • Attendance at weekly meetings rich with industry news, events, innovations, legislative updates etc.

  • Attendance at bi-annual meetings (physically or virtually)

  • Taking an active role in one of our sub-committees: Marketing/Branding, Technology, Finance, Art & Design, Community Outreach & Education, Members with Special Needs


Our People

The best way to experience Blockchange DAO is to be an active member.

- Attend a weekly meetings

- Participate in a Twitter Space

- Seek out a current member

- Attend a member event

- Read our Quarterly Newsletter

Additionally, our globally diverse members will often make themselves available for one-on-one consultation and guidance in a number of different languages for your convenience and understanding. 

The Technology

Blockchain technology relies on open-source software code for its implementation and operation. The codebase underlying a decentralized network serves as the authoritative mechanism by which participating nodes can achieve trustless consensus. Furthermore, the employment of cryptographic techniques serves to secure and encrypt the data that is being immutably recorded and chronologically verified. In essence, blockchain systems offer a superior means of verifying, categorizing, transferring, and accounting for the ownership of various physical and digital assets.

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